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    Is there anywhere in the FAR/DFARS that requires contractors to use cost vouchers for cost type CLINS and definitively states that they cannot use 2in1 invoices for cost CLINs? The only guidance I have found is the WAWF information for contractors, however I can't find any regulation that requires contractors to follow the WAWF guidance.


    Fundamentally, contractors are not directly compelled to follow the FAR or DFARS; they are contractually obligated to follow the terms and conditions of their contracts.  Federal contracting officers and other procurement officials must follow the  FAR and the appropriate supplements.  In many places the FAR has requirements regarding contractor payment and what must be included in Federal contracts depending on the nature of the contract.  For example, DoD
    (DFARS SUBPART 232.70) requires (unless an exception applies) that contracting officers include the requirement in their contracts for contractors to submit payment requests electronically.  In order to require a contractor to follow a particular form or format for vouchers and invoices it must be stated in the  contract.  DFAS and other payments offices have specific requirements that must be communicated to contractors via contracts.  You may want to consult with you paying office to determine what is required of your contractor and make sure this is in your contract.

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