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    For a CPIF CLIN in Section B, the target cost/fee/price, min/max fee, share ratios (above/under) is shown in the CLIN description. However, there is not a place in the description to show the estimated/overrun costs. The Targets are not changing, so I want those to remain as is. I see an estimated costs cell in the Price Tab for the CLIN and I had hoped to put the overrun $ amount in that cell adn it show up in Section B; however, it did not show up in the CLIN description, so it looks like the CLIN is overfunded. Is it appropriate to liste the estimated costs/final Fee in the extended CLIN description. Is there a better place to add this data so it shows up in the conformed contract? How did you show your overruns/estimated costs in the Section B CLIN description without changing the targets.


    You should list the estimated costs and final fee in Section B for CPIF contracts.  As far as how you can accomplish this in PD2, you would have to ask your PD2 Helpdesk.  DAU can answer contracting questions but we are not PD2 experts. 

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