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    Who approves (signs) the FDSC Have researhed all requlations and the Combat Developer is responsible for producing but who approves the document


    The approving authority for the Failure Definition and Scoring Criteria (FDSC) within the Army is the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC).  See TRADOC Regulation 71-20 dated 28 June 2013 for guidance:
    TRADOC Regulation 71-20 discusses FDSC as follows:
    "8-33. Reliability failure definition and scoring criteria (FDSC) The reliability FDSC details essential functions and failure definitions associated with reliability requirements. Furthermore, it supports the T&E process by establishing a framework for classifying and changing reliability and maintainability related test events. Both AR 70-1 and AR 71-9 outline the combat developer/CAPDEV responsibility for defining or providing the FDSC to support the reliability requirement and T&E. As a minimum, FDSC is reviewed and updated as needed prior to each phase of testing. While it supports the reliability and maintainability requirements in a CPD, it is focused at supporting the T&E process. The FDSC does not accompany the CPD being processed for approval."
    Despite the references to AR 70-1 and AR 71-9, A quick word search of AR 70-1 dated 22 July 2011 ( and AR 71-9 dated 28 Jan 2010 ( did NOT find anything specific about FDSC in those two documents.  Despite the lack of references at the Army level, TRADOC Regulation 71-20 implies pretty clearly that the combat developer/CAPDEV (Capability Developer) approves the FDSC, assuming one interprets "defines" to include "approves."
    If still not definitive enough, the best possible answer may be TRADOC combat/capability developer defines the FDSC and the T&E IPT which includes at minimum the materiel developer the combat/capability developer and the independent operational test agency approves it.

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