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    Is there a DOD policy or regulation that specifically identifies a higher dollar threshold above the SAT for BPA Call Orders? DFARS 213.303-5(b) establishes subsistence at any dollar value, but nothing is given regarding other supplies or services. If there is not a regulation provided by DOD that gives the authority or specific higher threshold to award individual call orders above the SAT, what can be done or vehicle can be used to make purchases that are, let's say, not to exceed $300K?


    FAR 13.303-5(b) states that agencies may establish higher thresholds than the SAT for BPA purchases, consistent with the two conditions at FAR 13.303-5(b)(1) and (2). Neither DFARS nor the Army's regulation (AFARS) provides for those two higher threshold exceptions. If DoD or the Army established higher thresholds, they would be found in the corresponding supplement section, i.e., DFARS 213.303-5 and AFARS 5113.303-5. The only exception contained therein is, as you point out, for subsistence items. The purchases, if for commercial items, will have to be made with purchase orders rather than BPA calls.

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