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    Do you need certified document saying funding is available to de-obligate funding?


    There is no requirement to have a certified document (assumed reference to a certified commitment document) to say that funding is available to de-obligate.  However, individuals responsible for actually processing the de-obligation action should make sure that there are no forthcoming expenditures against that un-liquidated obligation.  While I would not view that as a certified document, it is not unreasonable for a deobligating agent (Contracting Officer, DFAS, Service Comptroller, etc.) to want some assurance that the homework has been done to make sure there are not any outstanding expenditures.  This would help ensure the program/service involved can avoid a potential anti-deficiency situation.
    Keep in mind, each while not specifically addressed in the DoD FMR regarding the documentation, a service comptroller can always be more restrictive and instructive in their own respective regulations.  Highly recommend seeking the guidance of the Army Comptroller staff to see what is required to comply with Army regulations and instructions to ensure proper documentation procedures are followed.

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