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    In your training information and in the Marine 4PL project data, it stated to use a 4PL instead of mandatory govenment sources required a waiver and approval from headquarters. Not buuying according to the descending order of mandatory sources was said to be a violation. I wanted to know who what position has approval authority for the waivers mentioned in the marine 4PL and other 4Pl programs in this instance if one was to be done or expanded at Robins Air force base. I was sadly disappointed with the respond which said you were unaware one was needed to use 4PL. Does anyone know the answer ?//


    Without knowing the specific situation you are facing, the question can only be answered in general term.  And that is, there is no federal or DoD requirement to obtain a waiver to use a 3pl/4pl.  If the waiver is in regards to the use of Required Sources of Suppliers and Services as defined by the FAR/DFARs, then those waivers are typically obtain from the agency that provides the supplies/services.

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