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    Are we allowed to use the combined synopsis/solicitation method for commercial items beyond the $5.5 million threshold? If so, is using the UCF/SF 33 the right way to go? Would we still use the standard FBO language for combinded synopsis/solicitations?


    There is no threshold for commercial item determinations- the equipment or services either are, or are not, commercial items. You may be thinking of the FAR subpart 13.5, Test Program for Certain Commercial Items with a  limit of $6.5 million, which authorizes the use of simplified acquisition procedures up to that amount. Those procedures cannot be used for $25 million procurements.
    You can use the joint synopsis/solicitation procedures set forth in FAR subpart 12.6. You can use the streamlined procedures in FAR part 12. I would not use the standard FAR part 15 procedures or an SF 33 in the scenario you described.  I recommend using FAR part 12 and the SF 1449. Yes, there are some slight changes in language- see FAR 5.207. 
    Instead of 35 days, go with 40 days so you'll be in compliance with FAR 5.203(h). 

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