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    What changed between -DoD Directive 8500.1 Information Assurance (IA) of 24 October 2002 ("Certified Current as of November 21, 2003") and -DoD Directive 8500.01E Information Assurance (IA) of 24 October 2002) ("Certified Current as of April 23, 2007")? When were changes implemented? Who made the changes?


    Your question is superceded by more current IA policy directives.
    Current DOD Instruction 8500.01, Cybersecurity was signed March 7, 2014.
    Current DOD Instruction 8510.01, Risk Management Framework for DOD Information Technology was signed March 7, 2014.
    The current DoD Instruction 8500.01 Cybersecurity:
    1.  Cancels or supersedes 11 DoD Directives, Instructions, or Memorandums. 
    2.  References a total of 132 policy documents, including 12 National Institute of Standards (NIST) Special Publications and 9 Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS) Instructions or Policies
    3.  Establishes the positions of DoD principal authorizing official (PAO) (formerly known as principal accrediting authority) and the DoD Senior Information Security Officer (SISO) (formerly known as the Senior Information Assurance Officer)
    4.  Adopts the term “cybersecurity” to be used throughout the DoD instead of the term “information assurance (IA).”

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