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    Here is my dilemma, based on the contractual reading, it appears they can do it. However, they have no NAICS code for doing this type of work (moving coordination or moving) and other than this snippet of the SOW (see below), there was no intent that they would even do the work. So my question is, even without a NAICS code to perform the work, is the language in the contract enough to allow it even though this will be a professional service contractor hiring a moving service company to facilitate the move? SOW language 5.10.6. Tenant relocation and moving services at facilities other than those addressed by the project scope. 5.10.7. Coordination of tenant moves other than those addressed by the project scope. 5.10.8. Construction phasing plans and schedules encompassing relocation of building occupants at facilities other than those addressed by this contract, i.e., moves into/out of temporary space, and into/out of new/renovated space. Development of these plans will require coordination with the D/B, building tenants and involved GSA offices. 5.10.9. Tenant occupancy planning and coordination, the CM must accomplish and/or provide for identifying, quantifying, and coordination the activities necessary for relocating agency functions/departments among existing facilities including the following: Schedule and coordinate the integration of occupancy activities. Identify construction and occupancy interfaces. Estimate costs. (not listed herein) Provide timely alerts to agency representatives. Take all appropriate actions to mitigate delays and costs. Prepare and maintain master schedule(s) and updates. Develop relocation procedures. Develop inventory lists and provide for taking inventories. Develop pre-move activities. Assist in developing/processing/administering contracts for moving services for the project. Coordinate and monitor moving activities Prepare and implement memoranda of understanding and interdepartmental/inter-agency agreements on occupancy activities.


    It appears you are asking us to make a determination as to whether the work is within the scope of the contract, which must be done by the contracting officer with support from legal counsel. There are many AAP questions and responses that discuss the factors courts and boards consider in making scope determinations. Anothergood source for guidance is chapter 4, "Changes", in Cibinic, Nash and Nagle's "Administration of Government Contracts", 4th edition. We suggest you research these and discuss the scope issue with your contracting officer and legal counsel.

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