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    What is the proper method of soliciting proposals and evaluating them in order to establish multiple BPAs? Is the sources sought announcement satisfactory or do I have to do a formal RFQ/solicitiation considering that the prices will not be locked in?


    When establishing a BPA you still have to follow FAR 5 and in  particular FAR 5.101 and FAR 5.203

    I think the way you state you will evaluate them is fine as long as it is
    stated in the solicitation.  I do question your last sentence in the question background: . All sources have to be pre-approved to do business with our office and higher quality requirements are invoked.  Are you saying they have to be pre-approved before submitting an offer?  If so make sure you are following FAR 6.  One other thing you might want to do is call your policy office since they might be requiring something addition to the FAR or DFARS

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