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    After Re-concilliation of FY13 funds. We are need of de-obligate the unused of funds. Can we de-obligate with form DD Form 448-2? If not, would it be possible you could e-mail a copy of DD Form 2275-2. Thank you.


    The NAVCOMPT Form 2275 (not a DD form), Order for Work and Services provides funds on a reimbursable basis. That is, the funds are customer funds, sent for a specific purpose, to reimburse the receiving activity for effort performed and materials procured. For that reason, you should ask the original customer whether they will accept a deobligation on the Form 2275 or whether you will need to use the DD Form 448-2.  DD Form 448-2 block 12 specifically allows for return of unused funs.  All DD forms can be found on the DTIC website.  However the NAVCOMPT form is more difficult to find.  The website below provides for a  PDF fillable form with instructions on the back


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