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    Given the above scenario, does the FAR/DFAR or other regulation require PM to get a new approval of the ARP if these types of changes have been made or would that be an internal policy leveraged by Program Executive Officer? Does an ARP ever "expire". Is there any guidance on changes to ARP post solicitation. Again the ARP in question has already been solitated and is pending award.


    There is no FAR, DFAR, or DOD-level guidance that requires a PM to get new approval with changes to an ARP. The PEO usually establishes internal guidance on this matter.  Having said that, there is now a disconnect between the requirements on solicitation and the updated requirements of the ARP.  This is a common problem that could potentially lead to failure as the contractor is preparing for one set of requirements and the user/government now have different expectations.  This needs to be addressed as quickly as possible adjusting budget, cost, and schedule to accommodate for the new more "robust" requirements. 

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