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    Is there a CDRL/DID associated with SDFs? If not, what is the most appropriate means for the government to obtain the information which a SDF would normally hold?


    We do not support the use of the Software Development File (SDF) as a software acquisition management source of management materials.  We support the Software Development Plan (SDP).

    ISO/IEC 12207-2008 is our DoD Commercial Standard for SW Development.  It is based on the old Mil-Std 498.  ISO/IEC 12207-2008 does not call out the SDF; however, it does call out the SDP.  Recommend using the SDP over the SDF.  DAU does not teach the SDF.
    The SDP provides valuable information as to the software development process.  Again, there is no mandated standard for the SDP either so ensure you customize the information you would like it to contain.  Once you identify exactly the information you are looking for you will be able to ensure they are a deliverable on a contract. 
    The SDP can be found at:

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