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    A synopsis of the proposed action and published to the GPE, and the J&A will be published after award. Are we required to post a copy of the solicitation as well?


    You are asking that if you are required to post the J&A for sole source, do you need to also post the synopsis.  The decision to post the synopsis is independent of the J&A posting decision.  To make this decision, you first need to look at FAR 5.101 (a).  Here it states that if the acquisition is expected to exceed $25,000, then you need to post the synopsis in the GPE.  If the amount is between $15,000 and $25,000, then you post the synopsis in a public place. 

    There is a list of exceptions to the requirement to post in the GPE at
    FAR 5.202.  For your situation being in Afghanistan, the exception at FAR 5.202 (a)(12) may apply.  There are also special situations listed at FAR 5.205 which may also apply to your situation.  If none of the exceptions or special situations apply to your acquisition, then you would need to still post the synopsis as per FAR 5.101.

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