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    Can the contractor change the address of a cage code? If yes, what is the procedure and would each contract require a modification?


    Current and potential federal government registrants are required to register in CCR in order to  be awarded contracts by the federal government.  The new (SAM) System for Award Management replaced the (CCR) Central Contractors Registration.  Registrants must update or renew their registration at least once per year to maintain an active status.  A CAGE Code may be required for companies needing facility clearance, a pre-award survey, automated bidders’ lists, pay processes or source of supply.  In some cases, prime contractors may require their subcontractors to have a CAGE Code also.  The Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS) in Battle Creek, MI is the only authorized source of CAGE Codes.  DLIS is the primary authority responsible for assigning CAGE Codes. 

    Update Instructions
    1.  Download form DD 2051 from the Department of Defense's Defense Technical Information Center website (see Resources).
    2.  Fill out the form completely, using the new information for your company. Include your existing CAGE code in section 5c of the form, and the signatures of both a company representative and a contracting officer from the DoD's Central Contractor Registration arm. Companies with an existing CAGE code already have a CCR contract officer contact.
    3.  Submit the updated form with the new information to the Defense Logistics Information Service at:
    Defense Logistics Information Service
    Federal Center
    74 Washington Ave., North
    Battle Creek, MI 49017-3084
    4.  Contact the Defense Logistics Information Service for more information if necessary. Call toll-free using 1-888-352-9333, locally using 1-616-961-4725, or from within the Department of Defense's "Defense Switched Network" using 932-4725. Fax the agency using 1-616-961-4388, extension 4485.

    DFARS 204.7204  Maintenance of the CAGE file.
    (a)  DLA Logistics Information Service will accept written requests for changes to
    CAGE files, other than name changes, from the following entities:
      (1)  The entity identified by the code.  The entity must use company letterhead to
      forward the request.
      (2)  The contracting office.
      (3)  The contract administration office.
    (b)  Submit requests for changes to CAGE files on DD Form 2051, or electronic  
    equivalent, to—
      DLA Logistics Information Service
      Federal Center
      74 Washington Avenue, North
      Battle Creek, MI  49017–3084.
      Telephone Numbers:  Toll-free 888–352–9333,
      DSN 932–4725, Commercial 616– 961–4725.
        Facsimile:  616– 961–4388, 4485.
    (c)  The contracting officer responsible for execution of a change-of-name agreement (see FAR Subpart 42.12) must submit the agreement to DLIS-SBB.  If there are no current contracts, each contracting and contract administration office receiving notification of changes from the commercial entity must forward a copy of the change notice annotated with the CAGE code to DLIS-SBB unless the change notice indicates that DLIS-SBB already has been notified.
    (d)  Additional guidance for maintaining CAGE codes is in Volume 7 of DoD 4100.39-M, Federal Logistics Information System (FLIS) Procedures Manual.

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