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    My question is if contract clauses can be incorporated in partial text with the use of asterisks, and then require reference to the standard for the full intent to be determined. What is the standard/governance/rules that allow for incorporation of the asterisks (I can't find a reference that defines the use of theses). This is new to me and I thought that it may be a good learning opportunity and maybe would be something DAU wants to include in training since there does not seem to be much knowledge on it. Thanks!


    As you probably know FAR 52.102 (a) (3) tell us that provisions and clauses should be incorporated by reference to the maximum practical extent, rather than being incorporated in full text, even if they require modification or
    the insertion by the Government of fill-in material or require completion by the offeror or prospective contractor.  The situations that you have encountered represent the buying activities' means of meeting the intent of this FAR passage.  Also see the guidance at FAR 52.104(d).  There is of course a trade-off between reducing the volume of contract size through referencing of provisions and clauses and the useable readability of a contract that is in large part a collection of references to other locations for the content of terms and conditions.

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