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    Do you know what Product Service Code (FSC) would be relevant for this.


    I didn't have any luck as well with locating Child Care Services in the PSC Manual. However, I reviewed the service code manual pgs 96-106 and selected the following (i.e., your review and decision may be different):

    Operation of Recreational Buildings (M1FB)
    Operation of Schools (M1CA)
    Operation of Other Educational Buildings (MICZ)
    Support- Professional: Personal Care (Non-Medical) (R401)

    There is a process for adding codes when there is no redundancy with an existing code.

    Adding New Service/R&D Codes
    1. Submit a change request in JIRA at
    2. The FPDC shall review the request for completeness and forward a copy of the request with its recommendation to the Integrated Acquisition Environment (IAE) Configuration Control Board (CCB).
    3. The IAE CCB shall either approve or disapprove the request in accordance with outlining the need for the new service code. The request shall include: (a) brief description of proposed new service code with a suggested short title description; (b) authority for new code, e.g. law, regulation, or some other agency requirement; (c) statement on expected contract obligations, extent of congressional interest (if any), or other reasons for separately reporting the information to the FPDS; and (d) a statement that no redundancy exists with any present FPDS product or service code.the CCB’s charter and procedures, stating the rationale in the case of disapproval. 4. The status of each CR can be tracked via JIRA.

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