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    At what point in the Integrated Defense Acquisition, Technology , and Logistics Life Cycle Management System does the need for an APB terminate?


    An Acquisition Program Baseline (APB) should actually be maintained throughout the life of a system.  Per Interim DoDI 5000.02, paragraph 5.d.(8)(b), “The APB is the agreement between the MDA and the Program Manager and his or her acquisition chain of command that will be used for tracking and reporting for the life of the program or program increment.”  According to paragraph 5.d.(14), during the Operations and Support Phase, the Program Manager “will deploy the product support package and monitor its performance according to the LCSP [Life-Cycle Sustainment Plan]” and “measure, assess, and report system readiness using sustainment metrics and implement corrective actions for trends diverging from the required performance outcomes defined in the APB and LCSP.”  Also keep in mind that a separate APB is required for each increment.

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