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    Should all deliveries (reports, instructions, etc.) and performance (FSR support for PVT, etc.) be called out in the PWS in Section C?


    FAR 15.204 addresses contract format and identifies each part and section of the contract as well as a brief discussion of what should be included in each section.  The Section E description says to "include inspection, acceptance, quality assurance, and reliability requirements".  To expand a little, it should specify the place where the Government will inspect and accept each contract line item number (CLIN), subline item number (SLIN) and exhibit line item number (ELIN) identified in section B. It should also identify the location where the Government will perform quality assurance actions for all contract line items. It would appear that the items you describe are more aligned with section C Description/specifications/statement of work rather than inspection and acceptance requirements.  The potential consequence of putting performance requirements in other than Section C is that they could be overlooked and not performed.  Another problem could be if they are addressed in two places (sections C and E) and they conflict, then there needs to be resolution, which often occurs after work has been performed which may cause a cost and/or schedule impact.   So per FAR 15.204-2(c) Section C, Description/specifications/statement of work - this section should include any description or specifications needed in addition to Section B.  Relative to deliveries, or in this case deliverables (reports), the performance work statement should reference the requirement and should be linked to a Contract Data Requirements List (DD 1423).

    You may also want to review resources on how to write a performance work statement.  A good website is the Performance Based Acquisition website at  which also includes a link to the Guidebook for Performance Based Services Acquisitions in DOD. 

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