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    Other than the model included in the interim DoDI 5000.02 for software development, is there any other official discussion or guidance for applying DoDI 5000.02 to software development?


    The DODI 5000.02 is mandatory for all DoD acquisitions.  It works in conjunction with the Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG) Chapters 2, 4 and Chapter 7.  Please note that the DAG is not as current as the new DODI 5000.02 and is being updated now (not sure when it will be updated).
    FYI.  There are three domains of software in DoD: Weapons Systems (real time data, main software design feature is Safety), C4ISR Systems (near real time data, main software design feature is Security), Defense Business Systems (DBS) (Not real time data, main software design feature is PII).  I would assume that Defense Medical Systems fit into the DBS domain for the most part.  The new DODI 5000.02 provides mandatory requirements and guidance for all three software domains.
    The six (6) models in the new DODI 5000.02 attempt to give the Program Manager some ideas on how best to create their Acquisition Strategy, which includes the Acquisition Approach and Acquisition Plan (Contracting Strategy).  This is all explained in the DAG Chapter 2.  Acquisition planning starts with the creation of an Acquisition Strategy (how you plan to deliver your capabilities to the war-fighter).  Then, you create an Acquisition Plan or Contracting Strategy that demonstrates your Competition Strategy (We want the best developers to provide the best software for the cheapest cost).  Then there are a number of subordinate strategies that you must plan for including the IP rights (Data Rights) Strategy, Cyber Strategy, TEMP, etc.
    Model 2 was provided as an example of how to build an Acquisition Strategy for Weapons Systems and C4ISR Systems.  Model 3 was provided as an example of how to build an Acquisition Strategy for DBS.  Hybrid B model can also be used to build any of the three (3) software domains.  You must understand the capabilities and their risks and plan out when you need each capability.  Each program will have a tailored Acquisition Strategy based on their requirements and risks.
    DAG Chapter Software is the software development guidance you seek.  However, it is in the process of being updated.  Currently, it does not cover all three software domains adequately.  However, much of the guidance is correct.  The Commercial standard for software development is the ISO/IEC 12207-2008.  However, it is very generic when it comes to guiding a DoD Software program’s activities.   

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