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    In an effort to determine fair and reaonable pricing regarding salaries, which locality should I use to look up the labor category salaries? Should it be the locality of the actual requirement location or should it be the locality of where the vendors are virtually working from? Please provide FAR/DFARS references or other policy guidance.


    FAR 22.1002-2 states, “…shall pay their employees at least the wages and fringe benefits…to prevail in the locality….” 
    FAR 22.1008-1 mentions the (possible) use of the WDOL website ( to obtain Wage Determinations. The WDOL site directs the user to, “Select state & county where the services are to be performed…. 

    It is therefore the writer’s conclusion that this would be the location from which the work is actually being performed (“where the vendors are virtually working from”).

    Please see also
    FAR 22.1009 as it may apply to your solicitation.

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