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    When one of the AE firms who was not selected for the award requests a post award debrief, we replied that the project manager evaluates the narratives on the AE's technical ability to address teh sope based on the qualifications provided. The AE insisted that they get a debrief per FAR 15.506. Please advise on the best way to address this with the AE.


    Provide the debriefing as requested. All FAR references below direct this action and no information in your question would indicate the debrief can or  even should be waived. 
    FAR 36.101 states that other parts of the FAR are applicable to acquisitions  under Part 36 to include FAR 15.506. FAR 36.600 states that the policies and  procedures of the subpart are applicable to orders as well. FAR 36.607 states that debriefings will be held. Since FAR 36.606 states that the subpart is applicable to orders, then debrief of orders will be held as well. FAR 15.506 procedures are to be followed where they are applicable to A&E acquisitions.
    The Government conducts debriefs for several reasons not limited to the following.  We want the contractors to improve their proposals whether on contracts or orders and  propose again in the future.  The contractors
    incurred bid and proposal costs that they cannot recover since they did not get the award of the order and we must explain why if requested. Good debriefs prevent Freedom of Information Act requests or even worse protests. In
    either case the Government would expend far more expense responding than if the accurately providing the debrief. The evaluator should provide the technical  debrief with the contracting officer attending. I recommend that you NOT deny debrief requests that are not within 3 days since the FAR allows you to provide the debrief even if not requested on time.
    You may want to have your FOIA monitor and contracts attorney review the debrief material prior to providing to the contractor. 

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