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    How do we make CDRLs in the "base" delivery order Statement of Work become an automatic requirement when we activate a TDO? These CDRLs have direction that augments the FAR clauses (like IUID) and we don't want them left out by accident or neglected by technically focused Government managers.


    There is no standardized language for this process.  In general, the DO solicitation (before execution or consideration of TDOs) should identify those mandatory CDRLs that are required for each and every TDO.  Language should be placed in the SOW and/or each CDRL stating that CDRL XXXX is mandatory for each TDO.  In this regard, the contractor is responsible for CDRL XXXX for all work, TDOs, under this DO.  If a specific TDO also requires additional CDRL(s), these CDRLs will be specified in the TDO itself. 

    The team should work together to tailor the language according to their needs.

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