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    Do we need to have a new form 9 accomplished to match the CLIN amounts in the proposal or can we move the funding around using the contract writing software as long as there is enough on the form 9?


    There is no DoD-level financial management guidance that would address this
    level of detail.  What you describe is a process/procedure that would
    appropriately be defined no higher than the command or Service level.  I would
    expect it to be defined in an Air Force (or command-level) contracting and/or
    financial management instruction/manual/regulation.
    Questions to consider when you review the appropriate Air Force guidance.  1)
    What is the intent of the separation of work amongst the CLINs - funding may
    be tied and tracked to the separate work elements? 2) Will there be particular
    paying instructions for the dispersing activity (probably DFAS) that would
    restrict or influence how the funding was distributed? 3) Did the preparer of
    the Form 9 (the requestor/customer/user) have a particular reason for the
    distribution funding between CLIN or was it just a part of the estimating
    process.  Fundamentally we shouldn't view purchase requests or funding
    documents like we would money in a bank account that can be used or moved
    around for different purposes, however, you may find that there was no
    particular rationale for how much each CLIN was funded and may find that
    transferring funds between CLINs creates no issues for your comptroller,
    paying, or customer organizations.

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