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    Can a waiver be used to allow the use of a person outside the supervisory chain as an alternate billing official for a GPC account?


    To answer this question we consulted the Department of Defense Government Charge Card Guidebook for Establishing and Managing Purchase, Travel, and Fuel Card Programs, dated 30 May 14. Paragraph A.3.6.(a) indicates the requirement for an alternate billing official. Then in Appendix I - Definitions and Abbreviations, we find the definition of Approving/Billing Official:

    An individual who has responsibility for one or more GPC CHs. The A/BO should be the CH’s immediate supervisor. In the case where the A/BO is not the CH’s supervisor, the A/BO has the ability to influence the CH’s performance appraisal and/or make recommendations to the CH’s supervisor when disciplinary action is warranted. For DoD, the A/BO often acts as the Certifying Officer."

    Based on the word "should", the answer to your question is yes - it is possible to appoint someone outside of the supervisory chain to be the alternate billing official, if necessary. However your activity or agency may require other approvals or waivers depending on your specific situation.

    More guidance can be found at the following Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy web site:

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