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    Why cant you use a certified PR issued under DEAM to exercise an option year if the base year contract and all other subsequent option years have had a certified PR issued under ABSS?


    Automated Business Services System (ABSS) is being replaced by DEAMS which stands for Defense Enterprise Accounting and Management System.  Its purpose is to modernize the Air Force Accounting and Finance system.  DEAMS represents the first step in replacing several antiquated financial systems and is designed to help the U.S. Air Force manage its operations more efficiently while reducing costs.
    DEAMS mission and goals are stated as follows:
    Mission:  Support the warfighter with timely, accurate and reliable financial information to enable efficient and effective decision making by Defense managers.
    • Deliver a single, integrated accounting capability for the Air Force and USTRANSCOM by 2017
    • Re-engineer and standardize financial business rules, processes and language
    • Provide an authoritative source for Standard Financial Information Structure (SFIS) compliant accounting data
    • Enable Air Force and USTRANSCOM Financial Improvement Audit Readiness (FIAR) compliance by 2017

    Your question is related to three business systems, ABSS, DEAMS and PD2 and how they interface or fail to interface.  Recommend you contact your local PD2 representative or DEAMS representative to solve this computer technical issue on how the two systems interface.

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