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    Who should we coordinate with to ensure their FAD remains at the FAD-1 on a continuous basis or at least can provide information on how to expedite the reset process. Thanks.


    Force/Activity Designators (F/AD) are an important element of the Uniform Material Movement and Issue Priority System (UMMIPS), which is DoD’s system for allocating materiel and other logistics resources among competing demands.  The F/AD defines the relative importance of a force, unit, activity, project or program to accomplishing DOD objectives, with F/AD I being a designation of highest importance and F/AD V being a designation of lowest importance.  F/ADs are used in conjunction with Urgency of Need Designators to establish a matrix of priorities for processing supply requisitions.
    is governed by DoD 4140.1-R “DoD Supply Chain Management Regulation” (May 23, 2003), which states that assignments of F/AD I are specifically approved by the Secretary of Defense on the recommendation of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS).  The Chairman of the JCS is also responsible for conducting an annual audit of F/AD I assignments to ascertain their continued validity.  Assignments of F/AD II-V are made by the Chairman of the JCS, who has the authority to delegate assignments F/AD II-V to DoD Components.
    A previous AAP answer on a F/AD-related question (see: recommended that Army unit commanders submit requests for F/AD changes to their G-3 Division Staff.

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