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    How long is the AMMO 62 Certifcation good for before someone needs to attend any refresher training (AMMO 37)?


    "All HAZMAT personnel must receive refresher training at 24-month intervals IAW Service/Agency policy. This applies to all levels of required training and includes personnel involved with certifying shipments, preparation, packaging, or handling HAZMAT for transportation. Refresher training for persons who certify HAZMAT and conduct technical specialist training for subordinate personnel must be received from one of the approved schools listed in Paragraph D.1. (for HW), Paragraph D.1.d. (for biomedical materials), and Paragraph D.1.g (for radioactive materials)."

    There is a special provision that states, "The Service HQ or agency focal point (Figure 204-2) may grant a 60-day extension to this policy if justified. Successive 60-day extensions to a person’s qualification expiration date may be granted for long-term or contingency operations. For US Air Force personnel, extensions may be granted by the major command focal point. Extensions do not apply to commercial air shipments. Extensions for medical personnel attending biomedical material training will be granted by the USAPHC training proponent and will not exceed 60 days."
    The information provided is extracted from the DTR - Part II of the 204, paragraph D. Training, 2.a and b, page II-204-10, respectfully.

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