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    In EVM, is a contractor allowed to do as the contractor describes...give a work package a baseline finish date that is past the end of contract date?


    DI-MGMT-81861 Excerpt:
    3.6.3. Formal Reprogramming (OTB/OTS). An OTB or OTS is indicated when:
    1) The amount in Block 5.g on Format 3 is a negative value.
    2) The baseline schedule (Format 6) is planned beyond the contract end and Format 3 Block 5.l is greater in time than Block 5.k. Baseline Schedule Changes. Changes to the baseline schedule shall be made in accordance with the contractor’s EVM process when applicable. In the event that the IMS is implemented without an EVM requirement, the change shall be made in accordance with the contractor’s schedule change management process. Any movement of contractual milestones in the baseline schedule shall be derived only from either authorized contract changes or an approved over target schedule.

    GAO Schedule Assessment Guide:
    If it appears the contractor incorrectly assigned resources or work periods, refer to “Best Practice 4: (Establishing the Duration of all Activities”. Example: management and the scheduler scheduled particular activities to be completed based on a seven-day workweek when, in fact, the workers are only executing a 5-8 schedule.

    You may also wish to review Best Practice 10, “Maintaining a Baseline Schedule”. That practice addresses change control for maintaining a realistic baseline.

    ANSI/EIA 748 Excerpt:
    Intent Guideline 7 states in part:

    Intent Guideline 7
    Identify objective interim performance measures within control accounts (or lower-level
    tasks/activities) to enable accurate performance assessment each month. The master schedule includes key program and contractual requirements. It enables the team to predict when milestones, events, and program decision points can be expected to occur. Lower-tier schedules, when utilized, must contain specific control account (or lower-level task/activity) start and finish dates that are based on physical accomplishment and are clearly consistent with program time constraints. You may also wish to review the Surveillance Template for Guideline 7 compliance found at SSI 113 EV Templates 1-32.

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