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    Does ther need to be a MS C as an MD, possibly at the first LFD? What type of documentation would be required at an LFD if no MS C is used? Finally , what documentation would be required at the FDD?


    According to the Interim DoDI 5000.02, November 26, 2013, Model 3:  Incrementally Fielded Software Intensive Program applies in cases where commercial off-the-shelf software, e.g., commercial business systems with multiple modular capabilities, are acquired and adapted for DoD applications.  Further, Model 3 is distinguished by the rapid delivery of capability through several limited fieldings in lieu of single Milestones B and C and a single full deployment.  As discussed in your example and presented in the Interim DoDI 5000.02, Figure 5, page 11, a single Milestone B could be followed by Limited Fielding Decisions and the Full Deployment Decision leading to Full Deployment (i.e., there is no requirement for a separate Milestone C in this case). 

    Following this approach, Interim DoDI 5000.02, Table 2 contains the statutory and regulatory information requirements for Milestone B and the Full Deployment Decision.  In consultation with the appropriate stakeholders, program managers may propose for Milestone Decision Authority (MDA) approval, tailoring of Regulatory program information.  The MDA has full latitude to tailor programs in the most effective and efficient structure possible, to include eliminating phases and combining or eliminating milestones and decision points, unless constrained by statute.  MDA’s will document all information tailoring decisions.  Therefore, any additional information requirements for the respective limited fieldings would be subject to the discretion of the MDA and documented in the Acquisition Strategy and the Acquisition Decision Memorandum, as necessary.

    Note: The Milestone Document Identification (MDID) assists acquisition personnel to filter through statutory and regulatory document requirements as identified in Interim DoDI 5000.02 Table 2, Milestone and Phase Information Requirements; Table 5, Recurring Programs Reports; Table 6, Exceptions, Waivers, and Alternative Reporting Requirements; and Table 10, Information Requirements Unique to the Urgent Needs Rapid Acquisition Process of the DoDI 5000.02.

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