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    what contract value/contract award value should we expect to see? single year amount, or NTE for total anticipated amount? is all work described by a multi-year SOW considered 'authorized'?


    The standard expectation is that the contract will be fully funded; but that is no guarantee, as requirements and availability of funding often change. I would always prepare for the total anticipated amount, since that will encompass all lower amounts.
    The contractor cannot work on out-year requirements without specific direction and approval from the contracting officer. That authority is hardly ever granted. If the contract is actually a formally recognized "multi-year" contract, meaning it was specifically authorized by Congress in an Appropriation Act as a "multi-year" contract, there may be an authorization to work on future requirements (like long lead items) in advance of specific funding. But except for those rare instances, the answer is the work is in the contract, but not allowed to be worked on until authorized.
    Please refer to FAR subpart 17.1 for further discussion on Multiyear Contracting.

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