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    Is this legal? FST has no way to test/check boxes that arrive at our office. We also have no way to QA or sign off as RFI boxes when they leave our office to return to the fleet. Will Fleet accept a box if they know FST had done a configuration change on it?


    The legality of this issue cannot be addressed in this forum.  If there is any concern over the legality of an action, the organization's legal office should be consulted. 

    However, under the provisions of Interim DoD 5000.02, signed 25 Nov 2013:  "The Program Manager will use a configuration management approach to establish and control product attributes and the technical baseline across the total system life cycle. This approach will identify, document, audit, and control the functional and physical characteristics of the system design; track any changes; provide an audit trail of program design decisions and design modifications; be integrated with the SEP and technical planning; and be consistent with the Intellectual Property Strategy. At completion of the system level Critical Design Review, the Program Manager will assume control of the initial product baseline, to the extent that the competitive environment permits."

    If the system is in fact beyond the Critical Design Review (CDR), the program manager has control over the process and can decide/mandate any changes to be made.  Any concerns about those changes should be addressed via the procedures laid out in the program's configuration management plan.

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