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    Are there specific terms to define the difference between sustainment to include technical refresh as compared to sustainment with no tech refresh (just keeping the piece of equipment going). With a shortage of funds, bill payer wants us to be able to identify those items that we are sustaining and updating opposed to those systems on life support. I cannot find any "logistics" approved words.


    There are not separate "official" terms used in Life Cycle Logistics to differentiate between components undergoing technical refresh or expected to, and like components with a static configuration simply being maintained.

    The DoDI 5000.02 defines Life Cycle Sustainment as the process that "…translates force provider capability and performance requirements into tailored product support to achieve specified and evolving life cycle product support availability, reliability, and affordability parameters. Life cycle sustainment considerations include supply; maintenance; transportation; sustainment engineering; data management; configuration management; human systems integration (HSI); environment, safety (including explosives), and occupational health; protection of critical program information and anti-tamper provisions, supportability, and interoperability. Initially begun during Materiel Solution Analysis (MSA) phase and matured during the Technology Maturation and Risk Reduction (TMRR) phase, life cycle sustainment planning spans a system’s entire life cycle from MSA phase to disposal."

    Note that sustainment is considered to extend across the entirety of the system’s life cycle, and so includes configuration management of different iterations of the same component, including as a result of technical refresh. Likewise, Product Support is defined as "the package of support functions required to field and maintain the readiness and operational capability of major weapon systems, subsystems, and components, including all functions related to weapon system readiness." That implies a process inclusive of successive versions and upgrades and, like the sustainment definition, does not differentiate between components which are revised, updated, refreshed or reissued and those whose initial configuration remains unchanged over their lifespan. Equipment that has experienced significant modification or technology refresh may be designated a new part number, or may be spoken of as "Widget, Increment 1" or similar terminology representing configuration distinctions, but the logistical process of sustainment is the same - and uses the same terminology- in either case for a given component.

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