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    When should a program be added to the AML, what are the requirements to be added and how is that accomplished.


    AIR FORCE INSTRUCTION 63-101/20-101 (INTEGRATED LIFE CYCLE MANAGEMENT), Dated 07 March 2013, spells out the requirements for the Air Force Acquisition Master List (AML) on pages 24-25.  The AFI is located at  Given the program has completed its AoA, it’s probably had a Materiel Development Decision (MDD).  The MDD is the entry point into the acquisition process.  There are many different requirements listed for being added to the AML, so review the list with your program specifics in mind.  To get added to the AML (or make any changes), the program works with SAF/AQXRA.  If you have any questions, please contact Lori Caldwell (SAF/AQXRA) at 571-256-0398. 

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