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    Are there any guildelines or published documentation that specifies when the transition from the development phase to sustainment phase began for DoD Business Systems?


    DBS or Defense Business Systems are covered in Enclosure 12 of the Interim DoDI 5000.02, November 25, 2013.  The Business Case (see Table 2 of DoDI 5000.02) includes the acquisition approach and usually covers the program phases.  Model 3 (Incrementally Fielded Software Intensive Programs) and the Hybrid Program B (Software Dominant) show the “Full Deployment Decision” just prior to IOC (Initial Operational Capability)  and the sustainment phase.  “The decision to proceed into … full deployment will be documented in the ADM (Acquisition Decision Memorandum)”.  During Full Deployment, as “part of the Production and Deployment phase, the remaining … deployment of the product is completed leading to … full deployment”.  Note also that IOC occurs after the FDD (Full Deployment Decision).  According to Enclosure 12, “IOC is the initial point in time when a fully trained and supported user organization of a specified size is equipped with a capability achieving the performance thresholds documented in the Business Case and Acquisition Program Baseline.”
    Therefore to answer your question, the ADM at the Full Deployment Decision (FDD) [shown in Model 3 and Hybrid Program B of DoDI 5000.02] indicates when the transition from the development phase to sustainment begins for Defense Business Systems.  Sustainment usually begins after the declaration of IOC.
    You can find additional information on DBS at Fields/Defense-Business-System-(DBS).html

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