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    Is it ok for government contractors to remain in the building after all government employees have departed? (They are expected to lock up the facility when they depart)


     Each DoD component has its own specific physical security guidelines.  It is important to check with your Command security manager since local organizations often have their own additional security requirements beyond
    DoD and service level regulations.  Generally speaking, contractors who are under contract to the organization can complete the required SF 701 "end of day" checks, provided the (unclassified) contract under which they perform
    has  specific security requirements included as part of the performance work statement.  This eliminates any doubt as to responsibility as well as providing the government and the contractor additional surety.  The overarching DoD policy
    can be found at DoD 5200.08-R Security of DoD Installations and Resources; Service and Component Guidance will generally amplify this guidance. 

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