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    1. If the Chess Contract for the Vendor has all the clauses that are required. If I draft up a solicitation and later a contract what FAR and DFARS clauses provisions should I put into the Solicitation? (I am not looking for clause or provisions, I am just trying to understand if the CHESS contract has FAR and DFARS clause and has already been established why add any clause or provisions to the solicitation at all). 2. What FAR and DFARS clauses should I put in the contract, the clause that is in the CHESS contract? 3. Should I us the clauses in the CHESS contract or the normal commercial clause?


    This link on the Army's Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) site provides instructions for creating an external SF 1449 in PD2. The instructions state "it is not necessary to replicate clauses," which indicates that the clauses in the CHESS contract will govern the procurement. It's not clear if you are using PD2 or another contract writing system, so if you have more specific questions I recommend you contact the CHESS help desk—

    CHESS Customer Support
    Telephone: 1-888-232-4405
    Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm EST

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