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    Is lab infrastructure appropriately funded in BA 6 or can these cost be assigned to the appropriated line item in Basic Research or applied research?


    Your question centers around charging management support (I am assuming
    personnel) to BA06 versus line items in Basic Research or Applied Research
    categories.  Based on the FMR 7000.14-R Volume 2B Chapter 5 which states:
    Budget Activity 6, RDT&E Management Support.
    This budget activity includes research, development, test and evaluation
    efforts and funds to sustain and/or modernize the installations or operations
    required for general research, development, test and evaluation. Test ranges,
    military construction, maintenance support of laboratories, operation and
    maintenance of test aircraft and ships, and studies and analyses in support of
    the RDT&E program are funded in this budget activity.
    ***Costs of laboratory personnel, either in-house or contractor operated,
    would be assigned to appropriate projects or as a line item in the Basic
    Research, Applied Research, or ATD program areas, as appropriate. Military
    construction costs directly related to major development programs are
    It is always best to contact your local Comptroller for confirmation and
    clarification as each Service has more specific and/or stringent rules than
    the DOD FMR 7000.14-R.  However, based on my interpretation assigning the
    cost to the appropriated line item in Basic Research or Applied Research gives
    a more detailed and auditable trail.

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