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    Your answer references 15.503(b)(2) and (b)(1). You note that it includes the debriefing points in paragraph (b)(1) of that section, which are the same points required for debriefing awards that are made in accordance with FAR Part 15 procedures. However, I looked up 15.503(b)(1) and that just discusses "Postaward notices." Therefore, while post award noticifications are applicable if requested. It does not state anything about a debriefing being required under FAR Part 13. Postaward debriefings are referenced not in 15.503, but in 15.506. And there is no mention of Part 13 under that section. Therefore, I go back to the orginal question posted, which is "What are we required to debrief the contractor when using FAR Part 13? " If so, it would seem if the contractor requests a postaward debriefing we are not required to conduct one under the FAR when we are using Part 13. We only need to provide them with the postaward notice information.


    FAR Part 13 acquisitions that use Part 15 negotiation and evaluation procedures may require debriefings, but if FAR Part 13 selection procedures were followed then no post-award debriefing is required. However, the contracting officer may still choose to provide a debriefing to any offeror who requests one, as a courtesy or to help the offeror be more competitive for future FAR Part 13 quotes.

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