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    1. Can the Contracting Officer deobligate funds from a contract for the sole purpose of utilizing these funds for other contracts? if so, what is the authority to de-obligate funds for the sole purpose of using on another award? 2. Can the Deputy Comptroller commit the $5000 in the financial system to an expired award to allow the Contracting Officer to deobligate the funds from the contract for the purpose of obligating on another contract?


    Guidance from their comptroller/budget office for the exact language and guidance. As worded in the question, the authority for this question lies within Fiscal regulations and not Contracting.  From a purely contracting perspective, yes it can be de-obligated and re-obligated.  However, it depends on the color of money i.e. O&M dollars (1 year money), Procurement dollars (3-5 years) and the dollar amount particularly associated with Procurement dollars.  Recommend that the requester seek additional

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