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    Who is responsible for signing block 21 b. on the DD250 form? Who is responsible for signing block 22 on the DD250 form? Is the receiver responsible for signing both blocks 21 b. and block 22? Thanks!


    Who signs blocks 21 and 22 of the DD250 depends on the contract.  Block 21 of the DD250 is to be signed at the point of origin or, in other words, at the contractor's facility.  This is usually done by DCMA or whoever is assigned as the contract administrator in Block 7 of the contract.  The contract will specify the point of inspection and acceptance.  If the contract states Inspection and Acceptance (I&A) at origin the government representative that is assigned that contractor will sign block 22 after all acceptance actions have been completed.  If the contract specifies Inspection and Acceptance at destination then a representative at the location where these parts are shipped will sign block 22 of the DD250 acknowledging they have inspected and accept the product. 

    Block 23 is reserved as an accountability block simply showing receipt of the product.  This block neither signifies inspection or acceptance of the product, only that they have been received.

    One other thing to keep in mind is that in today's time contractors are expected to no longer use the old form DD250.  They are expected to use the new Wide Area Workflow form or WAWF.  I have attached some references for you to use if this situation every arises again.  Please remember that a DD250 or WAWF is only required if the DFARS Clause 252-232-7003 clause is in the contract.  Otherwise the contractor can ship using their commercial shipping documents. Form 250 Guidance for the Contractor.htm

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