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    Is it possible to write an addendum to an existing approved CPD? If so, what are the staffing and approval routes to help accelerate the process. Will the process need to start from stratch again with the whole document or just the addendum part?


    I recommend you review the UNCLASSIFIED, Medical Services, Army Medical Materiel Acquisition Policy AR 40-60 regulation implements Department of Defense (DOD) Directive ( DODD ) 5000.01, Department of Defense instruction ( DODI ) 5000.02, and Army Regulation (AR) 70-1, and establishes the Army's policy for medical acquisition programs. This policy applies to those acquisition programs funded by Army resources, as well as to those assigned to the Army for execution by the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs (ASD(HA)) and funded by Defense Health Program (DHP) resources. 

    Next you mentioned there will also be an increase in capabilities beyond the original program and that will result in an elevation of the program's JSD and requirement validation authority to the level of Joint Interest or Joint Integration. You should also review the CJCSI 3170.01H and the JCIDS Manual dated 19 Jan 2012.  JCIDS MANUAL enclosure C addresses Processing Sponsor Requests for Changes to Previous Validation and also addresses the staffing process.  JCIDS Manual Enclosure B outlines the different JCIDS documents which are used to articulate capability requirements and associated capability gaps for initial review and validation, as well as to provide more refined capability requirements related to specific materiel and non-materiel capability solutions for review and validation. The Enclosure also outlines the Capability Development Tracking and Management (CDTM) tool used for document generation. The CDTM tool can be found at the address in reference e, and additional information can be found at the CDTM wiki at the address in reference f.

    As far as working your new requirements, the driver with respect to requirements has to be traceability back to the ICD.  Your current CPD captures that increment KPPs and KSAs.  The next requirements document will capture new KPPs & KSAs for that increment and will describe how these additional capabilities tie back to the ICD.  Recommend for clarity in traceability and accountability you create a CDD for the next increment.  In summary recommend that you develop a new requirements document rather than making an addendum.

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