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    Are 8(a) sole source awards above $25K required to be synopsized in the GPE in accordance with FAR 5.301(a)?


    There is no specific exception for sole source 8(a) awards above $25K to be synopsized, you look at what you are buying and follow FAR 5.301 to see if you have to synopsize. 

    FAR 5.301(a) does state, "contracting officers must synopsize through the GPE the following: (1) Contract awards exceeding $25,000 that are—(i) Covered by the World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement or a Free Trade Agreement (see Subpart 25.4); or (ii) Likely to result in the award of any subcontracts. However, the dollar threshold is not a prohibition against publicizing an award of a smaller amount when publicizing would be advantageous to industry or to the Government.

    Your sole source 8(a) contracts most likely do not have any subcontracting opportunities as the program is to support these firms doing all of the work themselves.  Also DFARS 252.219-7009 states, "It will not subcontract the performance of any of the requirements of this contract without the prior written approval of the SBA and the Contracting Officer."

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