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    Are DTE costs needed for an IGCE for a COTS IT product even though there will be no development? If so, how is this to be addressed for a COTS product?


    For standalone COTS products there is testing that must be done.  Typically, our test focus is on the functionality of the COTS product; does the COTS product meet our requirements?  If the product does not meet our requirements, then we typically don't purchase that product.  For standalone COTS products, there usually is no developmental testing but there is operational testing.

    If the COTS product is part of a bigger, DoD system of systems capability, then there is almost always government developed integration/glue/middleware code or customization coding (SQL, macros, data schema development) that must be developed to architect in the COTS product with the other applications in our system.  This is the norm for most DoD Systems.  This now creates a developmental problem.  This now requires DTE (and OTE) level testing.

    The question is:  Is this COTS product a standalone or part of a bigger, system of systems effort.  Most likely, it is part of a system of systems effort and it will require DTE.

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