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    If requested by an offeror, can we release the previous contract total cost?


    FAR 5.002 contains the overall policy towards publicizing contract actions and so, in general, we do encourage contract actions to be publicized to increase competition, broaden industry participation, and assist small business programs.  One of the elements of publicizing a contact action is the contract award dollar amount (FAR 5.207(a)(12)).
    The requirements and thresholds for publicizing contract awards are contained in DFARS 5.303(a) and more specific procedures are outlined in the AFFARS, in your case.  In addition, FAR 5.303(b) states that agencies may also release information on contract awards to the local press or other media and the FAR does not preclude release of contract awards below the thresholds. 
    Your previous contract, including the contract award dollar amount, may have already been announced or publicized whenever it was awarded and, if so, you would simply be releasing information that had already been released to the public.  If not, you could release the information assuming that there are no restrictions contained or referenced in FAR Part 5 that would prevent you from doing so, including information that is protected under the Freedom of Information Act.  If you do release any information it must go to all potential offerors, not just the one that requested it.
    This answer is based on the limited information provided, as we do not have all the facts pertaining to your situation.  As always, we highly recommend you consult the contracting officer as well as your legal office.

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