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    Our organization is looking to construct a repository for contractors to submit their computer code. We figure that if we can have a security enabled repository, we can leverage code "re-use" and enhance market research. Does the DOD currently have a database that is searchable across different branches of the military for contractors to delivery their CDRLs into?


    The only DoD advertised code repository is the DISA sponsored (this is all you type in)

    Browse over 1,000 project and collaborate with over 27,000 DoD members!

    Here is the information: is a family of services provided to support the DoD's technology development community. The system enables the collaborative development and use of open source and DoD community source software. For programs and projects that require greater access control, the system supports private collaborative development with an on demand, fee for service offering. These initial software development capabilities are growing to support the full system life-cycle and enable continuous collaboration among all stakeholders including Project Managers, developers, testers, certifiers, operators, and users. is a DISA-led activity designed to improve the ability of the U.S. Department of Defense to rapidly deliver dependable software, services and systems in support of net-centric operations and warfare. will:
    • Enable cross-program sharing of software, system components, and services
    • Promote early and continuous collaboration among all stakeholders (e.g., developers, material providers, testers, operators, and users) throughout the development life-cycle
    • Facilitate the resolution of issues and challenges by connecting users, team members, program and community leaders, and subject matter experts making a difference in Information Technology Acquisition
    • Allow users to share knowledge, experience, and lessons learned on how to improve and accelerate software development and deployment
    • Rapidly deliver effective and efficient development and test capabilities for DoD technology development efforts
    • Help protect the operational environment from potentially harmful systems and services
    • Encourage modularity so that large programs to be developed, fielded, and operated as a set of independent components that can evolve and mature at their own rates
    • Eliminate duplicative testing and improve dependability by adopting common test and evaluation criteria supported by standard testing tools and methods

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