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    Can you use the government purchase card to rent the room and pay for the food. Or can we use the form 9 for food and the GPC to rent the room.


    I believe we treat the GPC the same whether it's funded by FMS or US dollars.
    The US GPC can be used to pay for the rental of the hotel conference room but it cannot be used to pay for food.  The Form 9 is equivalent to the GPC card; therefore, it is not an alternative.  Food cannot be purchased either way.  The GPC is merely a method of payment.  Conference food is not allowed to be purchased by the Government, whether it be on the GPC or the Form 9 (unless exceptions below apply). 
    Food and meals are usually a prohibited purchase, however, there are some exceptions.  Organizations are highly encouraged to check with their local servicing JAG or attorney's office before purchasing food or applying the exceptions listed in the DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE GOVERNMENT CHARGE CARD GUIDEBOOK FOR ESTABLISHING AND MANAGING PURCHASE, TRAVEL, AND FUEL CARD PROGRAMS , May 2014.  There are exceptions that may apply to your situation (see Appendix C:  Prohibited Purchases, l (food and meals)). 

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