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    Establishing a BPA under FAR 13, Can I award them non-competitively to any contractor that can furnish the material or service ? Is it necessary to synopsize and compete a BPA established under FAR 13 ? When establishing a BPA for 25K and under,(per call) can I do an informal solicitation to small and large business. These BPA's will be establish for fast moving items to cut down on doing so many Purchase Order. Please provide a reference with your answer.


    1. Yes you can select a company to establish a BPA without running a competition. FAR subpart 13.3 does require you to have a sufficient number of BPAs established to have effective competition, but which company you select to have a BPA with is up to the contracting officer.
    2. Generally, BPAs established under Federal Supply Schedules do not need to be synopsized; BPAs established on their own do need to be synopsized if they meet the dollar value thresholds under FAR 5.201 and do not qualify for an exception under FAR 5.202.
    3. Not sure what an "informal" solicitation is, but oral solicitations are encouraged under FAR subpart 13.3. The size of the business does not matter.
    4. Note the following DFARS requirement: 
    DFARS 213.303-5 Purchases under BPAs.
      (b) Individual purchases for subsistence may be made at any dollar value; however, the contracting officer must satisfy the competition requirements of FAR Part 6 for any action not using simplified acquisition procedures.
    5. Remember that BPAs are not contracts.

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