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    Can I use FY14 funds to fund that 4 months and 1 day extension?


    After discussion with the submitter of the question concerning a bridge contract using FY 14 funds, it was found that this particular question revolves around the VA.  Since the VA has different guidelines than DOD the following information from the VA's Budget Cycle and Fund Symbols guidance Volume II Chapter 2 states:

    020203 APPROPRIATIONS. Classified on the basis of duration, appropriations are of three types: annual, multiple year, and no-year.
     Annual appropriations (also called fiscal year or one-year appropriations) are made for a specified fiscal year (October 1 – September 30) and are available for obligation only during the fiscal year for which they are appropriated. All appropriations are presumed to be annual appropriations unless the appropriation act expressly provides otherwise.

    The below situation references an annual appropriation as per the submitter which will follow the above VA guidance.  Due to the lack of obligation of funds for this bridge contract and the appearance of a new scope of work, it is assumed that using FY 14 funds for this situation would be not be appropriate and would violate fiscal laws.

    It is my suggestion that you contact the local or VA comptroller to ensure that the funds and the contract are prepared correctly.

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