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    We're working on an ACAT III program with a very aggressive timeline. Is the intent of the new instruction to require our MDA to request permission to waive the AoA requirement from one of the above authorities? That seems to be in conflict with the spirit of BBP 3.0 and the rest of the instruction, which encourages tailoring and streamlining of required documentation.


    I think the key words here are "When necessary." ACAT III programs are often delegated to the component level MDA. So, it is the MDA call for an ACAT III program; however, even for an aggressive timeline with a favored approach, why would you not want to look at alternatives for the most cost effective solution? We consider alternatives even for urgent operational needs albeit often in a streamlined manner. AoA's allow the objective examination of alternatives based on cost, schedule, and performance. I can't see a MDA bypassing this process without serious consideration. I don't know details of your program, but I would suggest discussing the pro's and con's with your MDA.

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